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Aadvantages of negative criticism clearly outweigh the positive criticism

Balamurugan 1 / -  
Apr 18, 2012   #1
This Issue essay is for my gre exam .Please grade it .Maximum grade would be 6.
Some say that the best way to teach is to praise positive actions and avoid negative ones. This issue is a controversial one but a closer examination reveals the truth that positive praise alone does not makes a man complete, but a tinge of negative criticism also helps a person to improve as a whole. Negative criticism helps a person to beat all the odds poised against him and prove his worth.

One aspect of the issue is that, praising a man alone doesn't help him to improve. Negative criticism plays an important role in every ones life. For example, take a government ruling at the center in any country. It is always important to praise a government's when it comes up with a good policy. At the same time it is equally important to criticize the government when it is in on the wrong side. It is by this negative criticism and people's voice the government will get a chance to improve. Thereby, knowing the pulse of the people, the government can improve itself by leaps and bounds. Hence, by avoiding negative criticism we create an image in a person's mind that he or she is always good in her action. Hence, it is always by this healthy negative criticism a person will be able to correct his mistakes and move a step closer to become a complete human.

Another critical aspect is that, negative criticism always helps to improve the standard of anything - be it a company's product, its service or even a particular individual. For instance, take for example a company's product based survey. Generally, in a any companies product based survey they will post questions on ways to improve their product, the positive aspects in them and the final question would be the negative aspects.Thereby, when knowing their positive aspect the company will cherish them and might retain those services. Now coming to healthy negative criticism, the company takes this as an opportunity for them to improve their service by knowing the pulse of the people. Consequently, they are a step closer in achieving their ultimate goal - customer satisfaction.

Perhaps the best aspect of the issue is that, negative criticism helps a person to build his character as a whole. When a person is always positively credited and never negatively criticized, he will never know his shortcomings. Thereby the person on the other side is creating a sin by not giving a person a chance to improve. History has always negatively criticized people. Take for example the legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, he was asked to retire when he was not playing well. Many criticized him harshly and openly. But, he took this negative criticism as a way to improve his style and resurrected himself into a legend. Thus, negative criticism can help a person in his career. It gives him an opportunity to beat the odds and prove his worth.

In summary, it is clear that advantages of negative criticism clearly outweigh the positive criticism. Negative criticism clearly helps a person to improve his character; it also helps him to resurrect himself to beat all his odds. Negative criticism also helps many product based companies and governments to mould themselves in a better way to serve the people. Hence, we can say with our chin high that negative criticisms always help a person to be the best in all aspects.

EF_Susan - / 2,365 12  
Apr 19, 2012   #2
Although I do not necessarily agree that this is a topic than can realistically go just one way or the other, you have illustrated your feelings quite well. I would grade it as a five and since it has become open for discussion anyway, I would add that although you don't have to agree with the statement that "the best way to teach is to praise positive...", it would help round out and strengthen your essay just to differentiate a little bit such as "in terms of students or companies, constructive criticism has a powerful and positive outcome in general..." also "when it comes to young children and pets, placing an emphasis on positive reinforcement has been shown to have wonderful results." In this way you can still lean towards your personal beliefs while still objectively stating the proven facts to support parts of the latter.

I hope this has been helpful... yes, a strong 5

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