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The advantages of pursuing dreams rather than giving up on them - TEOFL

jasminebi 1 / -  
Dec 1, 2010   #1
please help me , evaluate it, thanks you so much

Some people think that human only should stick dreams. Others think that human can always turn dreams into reality. This issue is a contradict one, but my opinion a closer examination reveals that human should pursue dream for the reasons. This essay I will explain my positions providing examples to support my claims.

With me, I think that dream is wishes our heart makes, and most of our dreams fall into three categories is that business, family and individual dreams... Dream is sometimes difficult catch it up, but it will come true if we know how way to chase. For example, I dreamed to go to university and get a good job after post undregrade, and I afforded to study hard. Later five years, I reached my dream is that I got a high degree in financial major and took a offer from a bank in position of creditor. Now, I knew that dream only turn into reality when pursing it persistently. Dream will be only dream if we don't know how to make it become true. In that time, I believed that I could achieve in wishes (i.e. my dream). But indeed for study, I must set on many targets to attain such as study how many hour per day, canceled many pleasure and only focused on much more study. In work, I found many opportunities, although I met many challenges, difficulty, and failure. But at the end I assert that I succeeded more than one third part of my expected things.

For all, many are living the dream with the big house, two cars, nice furniture, clothes, vacations. by and large, for example you dream to have a high salary, but you don't work hard, in contrast, you often complaint work being bored, low-paid job.. What happens if you can't afford to get to work? you not only get a decrease in salary, but also get laid off. In this stage, dream become a threatening in your life. So you have a right to dream, but don't make dream come to in end by taking a wrong though or

Finally, if an individual have dreams but we don't encourage to touch it, then we will become cowardice. I think that when you come with dream you definitely confront with challenges, road to lead you to a dream is never smooth, the more big dream , the more difficult to undertake. Therefore you reached to your dream is that you were the happiest and the most courageous one

In summary, while there are arguments to be made for both sides, it is clear that there are greater advantages of pursuing dream because of the above mentioned reasons. Certainly, we will be always in dream, or always can come to it depend on your though and action
vaishali1980 26 / 83  
Dec 2, 2010   #2
human is a single person so you should use human being or use a human

'but my opinion' but in my opinion

human should pursue dream for the reasons a human is pursuing dream for the reasons

dream is wishes our heart makes dreams means our heart wishes

we know how way to chase it .

I dreamed to go to university and get a good job after post undregrade I dreamed that I went university to study and got a good job after post graduation

and took a offer from a bank got a offer from a bank

Tried to correct some sentence. Please cross check again

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