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IELTS TASK 2: Advertising in Human Life

huyhihung10A 3 / 5  
Jul 11, 2019   #1

advertisements restrictions

The society would benefit from a ban on all form of advertising because it serves no useful purpose, and can even be damaging. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

In the world of various forms of advertising, public concern has arisen about whether the government's legislation on the prohibition of pervasive advertisements due to its uselessness and even harmfulness facilitates social development. From my perspective, I strongly disagree with this subjective assumption.

To begin with, living in the age of technology advance with numerous products recently invented with distinct and revolutionary features to better our lives and solve unraveled matters we used to have has emphasized the great importance of public commercials with positive values for our society. More particularly, eye-catching images in adverts enable both manufacturers and potential customers utilizing this opportunities to introduce their products to general public and gain excess to new and advanced ones respectively. Moreover, advertisers considered as one of major sponsors for media costs contribute to pay for television programs we watch and subsidize the newspapers we read every day.

From another reason, we can deny that a large number of job opportunities in advertising have enormously contributed to the nations' economic growth. The prohibition of a variety of advertising is such a pitiful decision that the national prosperity will experience an increase in unemployment rate and a decrease in GDP in relation.

To sum up, that advertising with such undeniable social achievements has proved its essential role in human life has reinforced my belief in its long-term development.
linhchin 4 / 7 1  
Jul 12, 2019   #2
in my opinion, you are writing unnecessarily complex sentences, which are difficult to understand. moreover, you are focusing too much on using difficult words instead of proving your points. I recommend you Simon IELTS's writings, which are clear and well-organized.

And I think this we can deny that should be we cannot deny that or it cannot be denied that ??

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