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Agree/disagreeScientific research should be controlled by the governments rather than individuals?

Tra Tac 1 / -  
Aug 20, 2023   #1

who should conduct and execute scientific research?

It is argued that the authorities should conduct and execute scientific research rather than private companies. I completely agree with this opinion due to several reasons.

No one can deny the fact that government backing can be considered as the first reason because of the amount of privilege. Scientists may be given charters in approaching the state-of-the-art technology. In USA, for example, the reseachers are allowed to research genetic engineering which manufactures genetically-modified crops in order to improve vegetables quality. Moreover, the incredible effects will be discovered sooner. Therefore, it is undeniable that government support play a crucial role for science field.

Another speacial consideration in this case is that well-paid salary and the massive financing should not be neglected. Providing funding for the major projects can be seemed as a priority of administration. Another equally essential aspect is the strict information security guarantee and the high-income which gain a competitive edge over all private companies. For instance, in USA, a great deal of money was priotized expenditure on atomic bomb manufacture which was acknowledged as the century investion and the most dangerous weapon in the world which threatened the exist of human. For that reason, it is contestable that allocating resources to scientific discipline can make human life better.

In conclusion, carrying out and controlling scientific research may be belonged to government responsibility rather than private companies because of a lot of conjones and the enormous funding. It will be a significant stage to develop the society in the future
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4651  
Aug 21, 2023   #2
completely agree

Format your response based on the given discussion question. If you exaggerate your response, as you did here, you will be considered as not having followed the correct response format and receive a failing score for your writer's opinion. There is also the additional problem of your paragraph not having a proper thesis statement in support of your writer's opinion. That paragraph is really not well presented and is one of the weakest points of your essay.

On the plus side, your discussion paragraphs stayed on point in support of your personal opinion. That is good because your cohesive discussion proves to be coherent and also, applicable in support of your opinion. That will help to pull up your score in the end.
kainan 2 / 2  
Aug 29, 2023   #3
I think that at the end of this topic if you add "it seems to me that" after "In conclusion" the article summary will look better.

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