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Although families have influence on children's development, factors outside the home do too.

Kieu Sa Nguyen 1 / -  
Sep 18, 2023   #1

influence on child development

It is a common belief that children are primarily affected by household members nurturing them. However, while some support this statement, I am inclined to the perspective that external factors are the dominant in influencing and forming a child's characteristics, as they contained various determinants for young life, such as social interactions, educational approaches, and environmental circumstances, which have always been pervasive and unreplaceable by blooding relationships.

Admittedly, families have played a vital role in constructing juvenile in both physical and ethical aspects. For instance, parents' daily activities could set a manual for young kids to follow. If parentages usually exceed in violence or rudeness, their offsprings, as a result, will shape negative characters and take some pessimistic actions; in contrast, if they set good examples, this can trigger children's virtures and personal attainments.

Nevertheless, I still concur with the viewpoint that outdoor circumstances, including some unescapable and unchangeable components, have profounder impacts on juvenile growth. The evidence is that when children attend to community, they would be directly affected by social stereotypes. In fact, most young individuals nowaday are put under peer pressure and required to fit social expectations. Consequently, this phenomenon can act as a catalyst for their promotions or unexpectedly, engender adolescent problems. Furthermore, the quality of education has also played a decisive role in young accomplishments and personality. Indeed, that the youth approaches to high-quality insititutes can tantamount to extending individual potential and being more favorable than the others.

Additionally, living condition is another factor which remarkably contributes to both mental and physical state of a child. For example, teenagers locating in ideal circumstances such as countryside, inhaling fresh air and provided with a plentiful food chain usually develop better than the ones nurtured in hash environments such as urban areas.

In conclusion, although it seems that domestic elements can determine juvenile developments, I believe that outside aspects, especially social relationships, educational systems, and living standards, have accounted the largest part in constructing children. These circumstances, in fact, have been prematurely universal and inevitable during anyone's mature journey.

Home / Writing Feedback / Although families have influence on children's development, factors outside the home do too.
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