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Anti-Trump protests continue across America

Bams17 28 / 43  
Nov 14, 2016   #1
To response the result of USA president election, Obama said that most of America society exultant and a lot of Americans more less so. Obama said that Americans are hard to be reconciling with the new situation and a lot of protesters breaking out against to the president elect in the several cities across America.

In Boston, Chicago and Washington DC; in Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas and Donald,s trump house, New York City, many demonstrants are taking the streets to condemn the president elect. According to the demonstrant trump is the racist president. The demosntrants fill the several streets in the number of america cities. They recite chanting like ("go away president racist"), ("f**k you wall") and more chants. Not only that but also many protesters do the anarchism in the streets. Based on the chanting total of demonstrants is 20,000. They have schedule to protest in the street on November 10th and in the weekend. On the other hand The Number of Americans were shocked and appalled with the election outcome, because many people predict that Clinton will be the winner in the USA president election.

source: economist

m7mdbsheer 6 / 7 1  
Nov 15, 2016   #2
here are some suggestions:

They have scheduled(gathered, crowded ) to protest in the ...

...because many people predicted that Clinton will be ...

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