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IELTS WRITING TASK 1: Attending Evening Courses In Both Sexes (2 Charts)

phantanlocct 1 / -  
Dec 10, 2021   #1

adult education centre participants

The bar chart below shows the numbers of men and women attending various evening courses at an adult education centre in the year 2009. The pie chart gives information about the ages of these course participants.

The two charts reveal information about the quantity and a various range of age proportion of pedestrians in both sexes enrolling courses for different purposes at a mature centre in the evening in 2009.

In general, there is a striking number of women participating in linguistical classes, whereas the quantity of gentlemen joining painting courses is extraordinary. Following that, as can be seen from the pie chart, people aged above 50 are more likely to attend the courses than the others.

Regarding the bar chart, there were many females, precisely 40, enjoying studying language at an adult centre, which was far more exceeded than those who attended painting course. This figure also illustrated that it was double that of the drama course. In the meantime, the number of males taking up drama and sculpture courses was the lowest amongst four classes, exactly 10, which was also just a half of that taking up a linguistical class. Finally, Painting was the most favourite class that men often enrolled with the quantity being around 25.

Concerning the pie chart, the proportion of people who were above 50 years old, attending evening classes took account of 42%, which was nearly double of those aged from 40 to 49. On the other hand, only 5% of people aged under 20 attended courses in the evening, which was approximately a half and a third of those who were from 20 to 29, and 30 to 39.

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,941 4806  
Dec 10, 2021   #2
Kindly refer to the original prompt description and instruction for clarification of the summary overview content of your work. Note that the images were identified separate in terms of image representation and content. Therefore, your prompt restatement + trending statement should reflect the original presentation. You did not individually identify the images and related content. You incorrectly identified the images as both graphs, rather than a bar graph and a pie chart, as per the original. This section is already going to be given a failing score for misidentifying the images and incorrectly relating the image information in your restatement. Although you identify a pie chart in your trending statement, it should first be identified as such in the image identifier sentence of the restatement section.
monicaaa0017 7 / 15  
Dec 19, 2021   #3
for the introduction u can say.

The bar chart and pie chart reveal information...
Try to state clearly what type of figure they are

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