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The bar chart gives information regarding to the percentage of reason

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Apr 15, 2015   #1
The first bar chart gives information regarding to the percentage of reason, for career and for interest, to study among students. Whereas, the another bar chart shows the proportion of employers' support. However, the both bar charts are compared with age groups.

Generally, what stands out from the first graphs reveals that the older the student, the less reason for career to study in student's perspective. Conversely, the older student are more likely to have reason for interest to study. The another graph show that the employers under 26 years old is the highest percentage of employers' support.

To begin with, in the student graph, the percentage for career reason form like down staircase, going hand in hand the older of the student. While the pupils under 26 years old have 80 percent for career reason to study, the percentage keeps experiencing a significant decrease until reaching the lowest point at less than 20 percent for pupils over 49 years old. In a sharp contrast, the students aged less than 26 are less likely to have for interest to study, representing by 10 percent. the figure tend to incline after getting the highest proportion at 70 percent for student over 49 years old.

Moving to detailed analysis from the second graph reveals that the biggest proportion of employer support is under 26 years old, namely almost 60 percent. But for the 26-29 age group of employer, the proportion of support is above approximately 20 percent from the employers who are 30-39 years old. Interestingly, the after 40 years old, the percentage of support become bigger until reach more than 40 percent when it comes to the employer over 49 years old.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Apr 15, 2015   #2
Farhan, your analysis is good, its detailed, just be mindful of your word usage, grammar and sentence construction such as the ones below;
- the other bar graph
- employers without the '
- both and not the both
- like down staircase??? - form a decreasing number
- namely most should be mainly most
- the after 40 yrs old should be,"interestingly after 40 yrs old
- until they reach

Then, PROOF READ your final analysis before presenting it.


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