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Do you believe that e-learning can be the alternative to face-to-face learning?

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Feb 3, 2021   #1
Hi everyone. I'm a student from Vietnam and I'm looking for help. I need someone to fix this essay for me because I cannot go out to meet my teacher in the pandemic time TvT. I'm not good at English. Please take care of me! Thank you very much. *showing gratitude to everyone*

Can e-learning be a substitute for the classroom?

In recent years, the Internet's rapid development has been revolutionizing the way people study and teach. Some universities and colleges have started sharing their courses online on the Internet for everyone's use. Therefore, many individuals contend that distance learning will be the alternative to classroom teaching-learning. Personally, I completely disagree with this opinion.

For a variety of reasons, it would be wrong to think that online learning is more beneficial than direct learning. Firstly, spending too much time staring at the screen is detrimental to students' health. The evidence is a lot of students have eye diseases, such as short-sightedness and blindness caused by the blue light of electrical devices' screens. Besides, an improper learning position can influence learners' spine and skeletal system. The abnormal growth of bones makes people feel hurt and move difficultly.

Secondly, a face-to-face classroom offers opportunities for individuals to practice what has been learned. For instance, students can conduct experiments mentioned in chemistry and biology textbooks. Consequently, students can easily accumulate knowledge. Finally, there are more people-interactions in the classical forms of learning. For instance, teachers can keep students' behavior under control, pupils can also engage with classmates. Furthermore, learners can also develop some supportive skills such as communication and teamwork skills.

In conclusion, although people believe that e-learning is an alternative to real classes, I am not in favor of that opinion. In my opinion, online classes still remain some disadvantages to our health and do not include the interaction between teachers and students. It should only be used in special situations (for example if there were a pandemic).

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