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" It is beneficial for teenagers to receive pocket money from their parents". Do you agree?

Hoang Trieu 1 / -  
Nov 25, 2021   #1

pocket money for teens

I partly agree with the idea " It is beneficial for teenagers to receive pocket money from their parents". However, as a teenager, I don't think the parents should give their children pocket money on a regular basis.

Considering to the positive aspects of the idea, when teenagers receive pocket money, they can use it for their own needs such as buying essential items, paying for many social activities, and other entertainment forms. In addition, when they encounter difficulties like their vehicle running out of petrol, they can overcome with pocket money receiving from their parents.

Nevertheless, there also have many detrimental effects on their growing process. When the parents only give their children pocket money, they may become dependent. For instance, a teenage boy who receive pocket money every week or month, he will go through all his money with the thought that he can receive it for the next time. That his parents give him pocket money regularly makes their child become more and more dependent on the amount of money he receives. Moreover, having enough money to spend makes teenagers not understand the value of money. The way they waste their money on many trivial things can lead them into a materialistic life because they do not understand how difficult money is made. Reasons why teenagers become dependent appear clearer and clearer.

In my opinion, teenagers should earn money on their own. They can do some part-time jobs in the restaurant, grocery stores, or some cafés where they can make money by their effort. This can help teenagers realize the value of money, so they will spend their money more properly. What is more, when they do the part-time jobs, they can improve many essential skills for their future like hard or soft skills. They can get more experience from many situations they go through.

In conclusion, I quite disagree with the idea above, teenagers should earn money on their own and try to experience more, so they can become more independent.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,948 3858  
Nov 26, 2021   #2
There are several problems with your opening statement. The first, is that you used a direct cut and paste of the topic provided in the original presentation This will result in an automatic TA failing score as you cannot present an original thought based on the provided information. Cut and paste of the original will ensure an automatic failing score for the overall presentation, even as you are given minimal scores in the other sections later on.

You are also not providing a clear opinion regarding the topic. You both agree and disagree with the given statement. Resulting in another failing TA score due to the writer not having a clear opinion pertaining to the given discussion instruction. At this point, you cannot expect to pass the test at all and it will be useless for me to continue reviewing your work. There is absolutely no way you will achieve a passing score.

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