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What are the benefits and drawbacks of eating insects?

Stellar365 1 / -  
Aug 9, 2022   #1

edible insects - pros and cons

In this day and age, overpopulation is an urging issue resulting in huge demand for food all over the world. Considering an alternative source for consuming namely edible insects is still controversy with several opinion on its advantages and disadvantages.

In terms of its good side, insects like grasshoppers or bugs are rich in nutrient offerring eater enough energy through a day. In comparision with other kind of meat, they brings approximately the same amount of nutrient even if they are smaller. Additionally, there is sizeable population of those species in nature to take advantage of. Indeed, insects are seem to be effectively reproduced and highly surviving species.

Regrading to its bad part, eating some of the unsafe insects is likely to cause health problems such as food poisoning, stomachache, or diarrhea. Indeed, assessing and reassuring the safety and quality of an insect are a complicate process which needs experience and knowledge. With a little error, eater can suffer mentioned symtoms raging from mild to severe ones. Moreover, utilizing insects for different purposes appears to draw an effect to biological balance in nature. For instance, some friendly insects playing an crucial role in growing of plants should not be havested in a large scale for food industry.

In conclusion, consuming inserts brings some above benefits but at the same time has certain drawbacks.
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Aug 9, 2022   #2
The essay is definitely too short to receive a passing mark since deductions will apply for writing only 223 / 250 words. This is actually an automatic faling score essay because of the lack of word count but minimal scores will still be awarded for the other scoring considerations. These scores will not just be passing ones since the writer did not meet the minimum writing standard for the task.

While the topic may be considered a controversy, it would be best to avoid making such exaggerated references in these types of discussions since the writer is expected to restate a direct opinion alone. A direct representation avoids the pitfalls of overexplaining the tast in the restatement. Another problem with this paragraph is the lack of direct response to the discussion instructions. The writer is always expected to respond with applicable topic sentences to the questions or writing instructions. Scores are lost when all the writer presents is a repetition of the discussion instruction. Doing so indicates that the writer is not capable of presenting a summarized topic form as required for the task.

As a word reference, "regrading" was misused in this presentation. The writer should look up the meaning of the word. It does not mean what he tried to make it infer in his sentence. This will negatively affect his word usage and grammar scores. Never use a word if one is not sure of the meaning. The writer will not lose points for using simple English words that properly apply to his work, but he will lose scoring advantages if he does not properly use words in the presentation.

Concluding paragraphs should be composed of at least 40 words. Use 2 sentences at the least in this section since it should present a summarized form of the previous discussion. Points cannot be provided for paragraphs that do not meet the requirements of the essay.

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