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The best way to solve the world's environmental problems is to increase the cost of fuel.

maily257 3 / 6  
May 2, 2017   #1

looking for a long term solution

The best way to solve the world's environmental problems is to increase the cost of fuel. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is the fact that in recent years, the world's environmental problems have drawn attention of every nation and the solution of these problems are given the first priority. It has been suggested that the best way to solve the worldwide environmental problems is to increase the cost of fuel. However, in my opinion, this solution is not effective enough to drive back these problems.

To begin with, we must have an all-round view about environmental problems that include pollution, global warming, overpopulation, deforestation and a lot of other problems. Thus, if the price of fuel is more expensive, it is only effective in the field of air pollution and global warming. It means that other environmental problems are not still solved. Obviously, for these problems, we need to find out a more effective solution.

Secondly, increasing the cost of fuel places the emphasis on governments, not individual responsibility. It is easily seen that each of individual is definitely part of the problem. The way we live, the activities we do drive ourselves to the edge of environmental crisis. Ultimately, the most effective solution is to educate people of all ages. As a consequence, the better education about this problem people have, the higher their awareness of protecting our planet is.

In conclusion, the increase the level of taxation on fuel is one of the short- term solutions to address environmental problems. If we have a desire to save the earth as well as our own lives, education is likely to take it come true.
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May 2, 2017   #2
Hi Mai, I have read your essay closely. I will try you a few suggestions.
First, if you wanna get a high score, especially in the lexical resource, you have to paraphrase the statement. You cannot put original words directly, but you create the statement by using your own words. After that, you should make your thesis statement clearer. I meant that you briefly showed why you said that the solution is not effective. It's better if you give underline of what you review in the body paragraphs in this statement.

For your body paragraph, you need to strengthen your opinion. You have needed the supporting sentence and an example to develop your paragraph. Following that, your second body paragraph was also less strong. I suggest you explain one idea rather than you displayed multiple ideas. You tended to elucidate the importance of educating people about the problem. You are supposed to focus on prompts given. Lastly, you failed to create the conclusion. If you wanna write the conclusion, you paraphrase your thesis statement where you show your position because the question obviously asks us to decide whether you agree or disagree.

Hopefully, those can help you for finalizing this essay. GOOD LUCK

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