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Bribery in Politics and Corruption in Government Essay

giorgio186 9 / 54  
Apr 17, 2012   #1
Hello everyone. Here is my essay on corruption in governments, particularly in the Czech Republic where I live.
I'll be happy for anyone's comments or corrections. Thanks in advance.

Bribery Among Politicians

A massive evidence of corruption among the Czech political structures has emerged recently producing a passionate discussion about the depravity of government functionaries. Unsurprisingly, people are disgusted. Bribery seems to be thriving everywhere, even amongst the members of parliament. One has no idea whom to trust; likeable candidates turn out to be greedy businessmen with a briefcase full of plans how to silently steal money from the national budget. Some ascribe the vastness of corruption to the preceding regime - communism. Those days, bribery was the only way of gaining access to the things unavailable for ordinary citizen. I am convinced that this is only a part of the truth. Blaming of past events facilitates the incentives too much.

Provided our leniency corruption doesn't have many constraints to overcome. Our indulgence is often abused by various villains. In addition, our laws are benevolent towards bribers which results in a common contempt for them. Czech Republic even achieved being written about in The Economist - a former city mayor of Prague Pavel Bem was proven guilty of enforcing his friend's commercial interests during his administration.

Moreover, one of governing parties, Veci verejne (Public Affairs) shows noteworthy signs of bribery inside itself. Recently, a court has sentenced two of its ministers. Ironically, this party declared itself to be a great warrior against corruption. They should have been a new force that would purify our politics. What a disappointment.

In conclusion, I want to offer a few possible steps to take in order to evade seeing dishonest behaviour in the government. Firstly, we must not tolerate any bribery, not even in a really small extent. We have to accuse and judge those who violate our laws. And to end with, the regulations should be made more strict so as deter every potential sinner.

sharadarige 15 / 25  
Apr 18, 2012   #2
Your essay is well versed.

the regulations should be made more strict so as deter every potential sinner.
Please check this sentence. i think it should be "so as to deter"
OP giorgio186 9 / 54  
Apr 18, 2012   #3
Yes, off course. You are right. Thanks.

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