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Bulgarians' who planned to come to other country - their education level has been evaluated

ekalamarsyari11 72 / 108 9  
Aug 28, 2016   #1
The chart below gives information about the level of education of Bulgarian people who wanted to go live in another country in 2002, 2006 and 2008.

The bar chart reveals the percentage of Bulgarians' plan to come to other country in three different years, 2002, 2006, and 2008 based on their education level. It can be seen that Bulgarian people with secondary education level were the largest number that want to leave Bulgaria. Other noticeable point is a gradual increase of plan made by Bulgarians with primary and lower education level.

In 2002 there was a peak for the percentage of Bulgarians with secondary education level, at 65 per cent. However this percentage fell slightly not only in 2006 consisted of 61 per cent but also in 2008 made for 59 per cent. In fact, this group was considerably the largest number of Bulgarian people who wanted to visit and immigrate to another country.

On the other hand, a rapid rise was shown by persons with primary and lower education. Their desire to come and live in another country was accounted for 18 per cent in 2006, then increased in 19 per cent in 2006 and reached 32 per cent in 2008. Group of people with higher education level, however, was the lowest percentage of Bulgarians planning to leave which consisted of 17 per cent in 2002 and dropped to 9 per cent in 2008.

Beauty17 56 / 88 5  
Aug 28, 2016   #2
Halloo @ekalamarsyari11 i have read your writing task 1 essay.. here some suggestion from me. I hope my corrections will be useful for you in the future..

1. In the beginning of this essay.. i mean pricely on your first line, it better if you use in passive condition.. for example : a comparison of percentages of bulgarian..... is provided in this graph between 2002, 2006 and 2008. I consider such your introductory only make you stand in band 5 of IELTS.

2. For grammatical part..
Plan made by ..... education levels (according to 2 explenation primary and lower)

Peak of there is no for to be a mate of peak

And for other corrections i'll give for other comments..

Keep spirit.. and break a leg !!!
Thank you
twid 4 / 8  
Aug 28, 2016   #3
In 2002 there was a peak for[in] the percentage of Bulgarians

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