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longguyen 1 / 1  
Dec 31, 2015   #1

Nothing is impossible. This means that you may do everything if you try your best and keep a good heart. Changing an old habit is very easy if you consult some simple steps.

To start with, you should identify the bad habits and its harm. You can identify causes that you follow this way and write down on the paper. You should find out all consequences of those habits which can lead you to failure. For example, if you always get up very late, you will miss the bus, so you going to school late too. Your teacher remonstrate with you upon go to school late.

The next step is you need to make the new habits and its benefit. You must wonder "why do you do this habit?" Or "what are the long-term benefits of taking to a new habit?" For example, you get up early, you won't miss the bus and go to school late so your teacher don't remonstrate with you upon go to school late.

Afterwards you should make a plan which can help you very much. There are some questions you need to three answers: what? When? How? If you do that, you will evaluate how long what you do, you make a clear plan, then you can stick on the wall where you can see it very clearly. For example, you make a plan for a month and during the month you have to do like in the plan.

Lastly, you should talk to your familiars to help you. They can remind or reflect on you when you can't do as planned. They are outside agents which are the best way. For example, you can talk to a girlfriend whom you always make to be happy. When you make a mistake, she will ask you to repair it.

Changing some habits is very difficult unless you try very hard. They take you lots of time and you effort. In my opinion, changing the bad habits requires passion and perseverance for very long term goals.

ch017 - / 3  
Dec 31, 2015   #2
I would avoid talking in second person throughout the essay. It may be effective in the beginning to draw the attention of the reader, but it may come across as little informal.

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