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IELTS; Is CHANGE good or bad? / People's preferences

bluesoly 1 / -  
Jun 28, 2013   #1
IELTS TASK: Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding changes. Others, however think that change is always a good thing

Change is inevitable in contemporary society. The ever-changing world makes a great influence on individuals to change along with its trends and it is not rare to witness that the ones who fail to change has been wiped out in the competitive market. It is impossible to maintain an unchanged life, however people do not want to attempt change because they fear for drawbacks of change. This essay discuss two different point of views regarding change.

Change has not only positive aspects but also negative aspects. People afraid of the possible negative aspects and it prevents people from the attempting of change. Financial hardship, losing job, and losing social status are instances of disadvantage in change. Therefore people feel secure in not accepting challenges and just try to keep their routine lifestyle. However, our surroundings never let you stay in invariant life and they would have you fall behind.

Those who want change in their life are ready to deal with the downsides of change. By admitting change, they may go through adversities, nevertheless they take those as challenges and make a great effort to overcome. Consequently, they will be a better ones and stronger who can survive in a jungle. There is no doubt that they are most likely to succeed.

In conclusion, change is very significant to live in today's society. New technologies are emerged and advanced methods are developed every day. Individuals who live current society should follow those trends otherwise they would fall behind. Therefore people must accept the fact that they need change and make sure that it takes place in their lives. As a result they will achieve their goals and finally they will succeed.

gmad06 20 / 151 55  
Jun 28, 2013   #2
Although the main topic of your essay is "change". Try to go for synonyms to reduce
its repitition.

It is advisable to pause readers on cohesive words, so try to put commas on them.

I hope this helps.
dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Jun 28, 2013   #3
...I guess your prompt asks you about your stand on this. To which side you belong? Those like to change or those who reject change. So it is better you express your view point in the introduction itsef.

Anyways...you display very good writing skills. Good luck with exam !

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