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The chart bar about consumer in 3 category who consumption fruit and vegetable.

fnuruladilah 1 / -  
Aug 29, 2023   #1

people who ate five portions of fruit and vegetable

The bar chart provides illustrates 3 categorie consumer in Uk who consumption of fruit and vegetables per day from 2001 to 2008. It is measured in percentages. Overall it can be seen that increased as a percentage of consumption of the both food occur in 2006 with the percentage is more than 30 with the woman consumer.

At the beginning of the period that is 2001 till 2008 overall occur significantly increase amount consumption fruit and vegetable in children with the huge percentage were happened in 2007 with the percentage around 25. Even though the percentage is significant but children category has less consumption vegetable and fruit compared to other category.

In the other hand man consumer have a huge percentage from the first period in 2001 they consumption both of the food around 20% and year by year go up to more than 30% in 2006, nevertheless in 2007 and 2008 occur decreased touched number below 30%.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15043 4827  
Sep 16, 2023   #2
You do not have a problem with understanding the image and yet, you have a problem reporting it. You know what English words to use, but you do not have the correct word form presented in the page. You either use the wrong tense, or spell the word incorrectly throughout the essay. As an ESL student, I have a strong and useful suggestion for you. Use Google Translate to help you learn how to properly use and form English sentences. It is 80% accurate at this point so you can really use it to learn how to properly translate your mother language to English. It is the easiest way to spot your mistakes as well.

Home / Writing Feedback / The chart bar about consumer in 3 category who consumption fruit and vegetable.
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