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The table reveals the threefold of national consumer expenditure category

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Dec 16, 2018   #1


The table below gives info on consumer spending on different items in five different countries in 2002
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The table reveals the threefold of national consumer expenditure category that was spending to the different countries(Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey) in 2002. Regarding the table, the value of food, drunk, and tobacco made up an overwhelming majority of the category.

Overall, the leisure and education's value was lowest and did not exceed 5,00%. Spain with the lowest percentage is 1,98%. Turkey is the country with the highest percentage in this field is 4,35%. In terms of the source of the table information, Italy was predominantly expenditure (9,00%) in clothing and footwear as opposed to other countries, meanwhile, which have not fluctuated over 1%.

It is evident from the information provided that Turkey and Ireland had far the high number of food, drunk, and tobacco as the preponderant supplier and made up 32,14% and 28,91% respectively.

Please, I am a newbie, someone helps me where I am wrong about the idea, grammar, etc.
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Dec 17, 2018   #2
Quoc, unfortunately, the Task 1 essay requires a minimum of 150 words for the presentation. Since you only wrote 136 words, the essay will get an automatic failing score. If you do not write the minimum number of words, the lacking word count will be deducted from your TA score and result in a failing score for that section. Thus preventing you from achieving a passing score with the remaining 3 scoring basis. Kindly remember to write at least 150 words next time to get full scoring considerations for your work. Writing less than that number automatically indicates a lack of analysis and reporting skills on the writer's part, which is what is being observed and scored in this essay task.

The presentation would have achieved the higher word count have you dedicated one paragraph for every criteria listed in the chart for comparison purposes. You are not to summarize the information in the essay, but rather, analyze how the data for each category represents each country (with comparisons where required) for the proper assessment of the highs and lows of each category. Notice that there are 3 data comparison sections indicated, which would have resulted in the 3 paragraph comparison for the essay, allowing you to present the maximum 4 paragraph essay in the process. As it is, your essay is missing one paragraph. You could have created that paragraph in any manner that you saw fit for the presentation. The problem is that you neglected to do that. Hence the short word / discussion presentation as well.

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