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Task 1: The chart shows the percentage of males and females with higher education qualification

hongtham2002 1 / -  
Sep 15, 2023   #1

men and women proportion in universities

The given chart illustrates the proportion of men and women who pursued a university education in 5 countries in 2001.
Overall, Germany and Switzerland topped the whole chart in the percentage of females and males having higher education qualifications. By contrast, Japan had the lowest of proportion being educated in university rates between both sexes.

The percentage being educated of males in universities in Switzerland led the chart, at 45%, which was 10% higher than that of males in Britain. Meanwhile, the females pursuing third-level education rates for the former was 35%, while the figure for the latter was 30%. A similar pattern can be seen in the figure for Japanese men had the lowest percentage in the whole chart with 25%, and this percentage was 5% less than the figures for females.

Precisely 45% of females with tertiary education in Germany, compared to 40% of their female counterparts in the United States. Meanwhile, the figures for males in Germany and the United States had the same figure at 35%.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4651  
2 days ago   #2
The given chart

This is not a specific image identifier. It does not help the reader get a mental picture of what the image is trying to portray. Was this a pie chart? A table? A line graph? Or some other sort of image provided for your assessment? Remember that the summary overview must help the reader understand the information without reading the complete analysis. So specific requirements in that section are required. That includes enumerating all 5 countries in the summary section as a part of the trending statement.

Reporting of the information provided is being muddled by your referencing. You are going to do better in this exam if you use simple everyday words that would accurately represent the educational levels provided. As the image was not provided and the summary was not clear, I found myself confused by the presentation.

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