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The charts illustrate the purchased tickets online based on age and how the internet was accessed.

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Oct 11, 2021   #1

online tickets selling statistics

The charts give information about the purchase of concert, cinema and theater tickets online based on two specific age groups in 3 months in 2006 in various countries, as well as the mean they used to access the internet.

Looking from an overall perspective, the primary customer of online tickets in Aus and the UK was in 25-44 aged. Moreover, the desktop was the most common way to get involved in this activity by far.

As the chart portrays, Aus and UK had 55% of people in the 25-44 aged range bought tickets online during the period. This ratio dropped to 45% for the former and 40% for the latter. On the other hand, the statistics of Malaysia showed a reverse pattern from its counterpart. To be precise, Maylasia citizens surpassing 65 years participated more in the online ticket market with 40%, while the 25-44 group was 5 % less.

Regarding Internet access transport, people in three countries most favor desktop computer to buy tickets. This segment proportion was 58%,62%, and 75% in Aus, the UK, and Malaysia respectively. Also noteworthy is the fact that there was a similarity in the rank among those countries between the desktop computer and mobile phone. However, each section in the latter kept the gap from 40-50 to the former. In addition, nearly 40% of the customer in AUs and Malay used the laptop, whilst this category in the UK was 30%.
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The number of charts and what each chart assignment refers to is crucial to the clarity of the summary description. Without clear relatable image tie -ins, the trending paragraph cannot deliver an imaginable report to the reader. This is important because there is no image attached to this report. It becomes difficult to track the cdata references being made in the paragraphs.

As the chart portrays

Which chart? How is it identified. Do you see how the lack of a clear reference point can confuse the reader?

The writer does a good job at reporting data. However, there is a lack of cohesiveness in the report due to the lack of image relationship.

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