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'he must not cheat..' -Write a paragraph about qualities you want from your ideal man

May 7, 2012   #1
I could come up with some qualities that I'd like my ideal man to possess. First of all, I'd like him to be a cheerful person. I don't want a man that bores me; he should be able to make me laugh all the time. A cheerful man will openly communicate his thoughts and share everything with a great sense of humor. Therefore, life is more enjoyable when I have a cheerful man. Next, it's important for him to be considerate. I'd want a man who can do anything to make me happy. He always treats me with affection and tenderness. Especially, he needs to share my household chores when I'm tired. In addition, he should be willing to share my difficulties as well as sympathetic with all of my negative habits; therefore, he could teach me to become a better person in his soft way. Most of all, I want a faithful man. He must not cheat or deceive me. On the contrary, he must stay true in his heart. Furthermore, he is a person who will stand by my side no matter what. If my ideal man is faithful, we will have such a strong bond that nothing will ever be able to tear us apart. In conclusion, I believe that I'll live a happy life with a man having such good characteristics like these.

No man in this world is perfect.Every person is born with some defect and shortcoming.Shortcomings which none of us is willing to accept.Shortcomings that we don't like to be in our partner,co-worker,colleague or any other relation.Everybody wants to have the friend of his choice.A friend,whose personalty proves an amalgamation of one's ideal traits.I am no exception.

I want my ideal person to have the qualities of intelligence,sincerity,loyalty,courage,valor,self-confidence and integrity.To me,these are the most important ingredients which I will want from my ideal person.

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