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Should children start learning foreign language earlier?

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Mar 27, 2017   #1

benefits and drawbacks regarding early learning of second language

Acquiring a foreign language is never easy. Deciding on whether kids should start learning a different language at an earlier stage has been a tough pedagogic task for the scholars. This essay holds a supporting stance for the notion that students should learn a foreign language as early as possible due to the fact that it is more flexible and feasible.

In terms of flexibility, begin learning at primary school allows more room for manoeuver. Teachers can arrange activities like a study tour to a foreign place or communication with a foreign pen friend for the students throughout the six years. Students can have more time to breed their interest for the language. They can get to know more about the language through watching cartoons with foreign subtitles.

Considering the feasibility, though many would claim that children are not mature enough to learn another language at primary school, the fact is kids at primary school are indeed stress-free and would learn at a faster pace instead. Secondary schoolchildren have to confront countless obstacles in their school life, be it the rigid school curriculum or the tremendous pressure brought by the competitive social phenomenon. Hardly can they spare any time for family reunion, not to mention about learning a different language which requires relentless determination.

In conclusion, even if primary school children are not physiologically developed enough to learn a new language, the benefits of begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school outweigh the demerits of it in terms of flexibility and feasibility.

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Mar 27, 2017   #2
Good work Lee. You were able to properly assess the topic for discussion, present the reason behind the discussion, and offer the idea as to how the discussion of the topic would be presented in your essay. Your conclusion also adhered to the same pattern of restating the prompt and reasons in a manner that allowed you to close the essay in a strong manner. Though there are existing grammar accuracy problems in your work, these did not deter the reader from reading what you had to say to the very end. Mostly because the mistakes did not confuse the reader nor pose any problems in deciphering the meaning behind your words. This is a very solid accomplishment on your part. I do not doubt that if you continue to write in this manner, you will score no less than a 6 in the actual test.

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