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If children want to do well in school, parents should limit time of watching tv.

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Oct 15, 2011   #1
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Since students' performances not only decides their future prospects, but also affects the development of the whole nation, we tend to focus on how to improve kids' performances

in their study. Parents and teachers have come up with tons of ways to imrove their grades, which invloces limiting the time of watching tv programs or movies.However, i doubt

whether the aforementioned statement bears much analysis as follows.

Admittedly, it's undeniable that some children do need the rule set by their parents to standardize the time of watching tv. Since sometimes toddlers and kids are hard to

control theirself, they become immersed in the cartoons or soap operas so easily. Hence, they don't have much time to finish their daily homework or online tests, which

definitely lower their grades at school. According to some official statistics, children who have poor performances at school are widely hooked with watching tv and playing video

games. Therefore, if parents pay attention to children's behavior at home and restrict their indulgence, it's less possible for them to do what they desire, so they won't waste

much time on purely having fun. On the contrary, without reducing time of watching tv or movies, these kids' grades will continue declinging dramatically.

However, to some other students who obtain good sense of self-control, no time limitation is necessary for them. These children believe they can learn knowledge and skills from

different tv programs or films instead of spending time on useless tv shows. They're inclined to watch programs such as National Geography which helps them to improve their scores

in geography or astronomy or movies like The Cove from which they realize the importance to maintain the balance between human and the nature. Likewise, these students know how to create a balance between study and play. As a phrase goes ' work hard, play hard', they utilizes their time and live their lives to the fullest. Hereby, parents won't bother

controlling their time, instead, they need to let their children determine how to arrange their schedule according to their willingness.

In conclusion, I can hardly consent to the standpoint mentioned before since children have different capability to control theirselves and varied methods should be introduced to

deal with different situations. Also, some tv programs do help a lot to increase children's scores!

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