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Chinese Civil War. Major historical events have powerful impact to people.

toseanliu 3 / 1  
Aug 15, 2017   #1
What historical event in your country has had a major effect on your country?

Chinese Civil War influence on the Taiwanese people

Major historical events have powerful impact to people. These events change the direction of things originally might be, affecting families, causing injuries and deaths, producing happiness and sadness. To me, Chinese Civil War in 1949 had most immense affection of People in Taiwan. There are several reasons I feel this way.

First, the war separated Republic of China (Taiwan) and PRC. The dispute of which country can represent "China" continued until PRC successfully replaced ROC's position in UN in 1979. Till now, the tension between two sides and the unclear status of ROC (Taiwan) trouble foreign and economic policy in Taiwan. For example, former President Ma Ying Jio had formed an economic development policy and ease tension in order to facilitate the trade exchange on both sides. However, his predecessor, President Tsai Ying Wen, tried to keep Taiwan's independence, and develop the "Southern Development Policy," which tried to reconstruct the relations with Southeast Asia countries. Politics is not always predictable, but the vague status of Taiwan worsen the situation.

Second, the war kept people in PRC and Taiwan separated and leaded different life. PRC is a communism country, while Taiwan is capitalism; PRC is Autocratic, while Taiwan is democracy. Some soilders followed the KMT army flee to Taiwan in 1949, but they never thought they couldn't go back their homeland again. Most of them get married again, and raised their children like an exiled person. For example, my grandfather is one of these old soilders. When I was a kid, I often see him sit silent and look out of the window, sapping with tears. He told me he misses his family in Mainland. The war not only affect my grandfather, according to the statics from Taiwan government, there are over 5,000,000 KMT soilders moved into Taiwan because of the war.

War itself is a tragedy. We are lucky persons to live in a peace time. Hope this kind of historical event would not happen once again.
zeal 5 / 14 8  
Aug 15, 2017   #2
it is interesting to read your essay and i think it is really well written.

but though I gussed KMT would be kuomintang, i think it should better be described with completed words as I am not sure that KMT is a worldwidely accepted abbreviation.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,749 3795  
Aug 15, 2017   #3
Liu, this is not a bad essay. While the English is not perfect by any means, it has an interesting story to tell and is highly informative. It shows that you have a clear understanding of what the discussion given to you requires and you managed to accomplish the task in a very good manner. However, the discussion tends to be a bit repetitive as you focused too much on the politics of the separation rather than delivering a 3 pronged approach to the essay. That means, you should have chosen 3 different topics to discuss in the essay such as (in no particular order); 1 political, on social, one economic. Discussing each one in a separate paragraph would have allowed you to better explain yourself rather than the combined discussions that you did in the essay. While it did show a great deal of knowledge on your part about your chosen topic, you did not really fully thresh out, develop, and represent each discussion. All we got as readers were overviews instead of actual information. Don't just do an introduction, do a whole summarized presentation of facts as best as you can.

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