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How coffee is produced and prepared for sale in supermarkets and shops

anggicaroot 20 / 19 3  
Nov 25, 2015   #1
A breakdown of the manufacturing process of making coffee production and how to preparation for selling on the market is represented in diagrams. Overall, there are several complicated stages on coffee's maker. In any case, while the coffee production begins with the picking of coffee beans, it ends at packing stage.

Firstly, coffee beans should be picked in the farm, and then coffee beans are dried. After that, this continues to be roasted and cooled before it being put in a grinding machine. Having completed the cooled stage, it turns the beans into coffee granules.

At the next stage in the process, the coffee is mixed with hot water, and then this mixture is ready being strained. Following that, this mixture is frozen and continued to the grinder. This is where the process dried in a vacuum, the water evaporates and leaving the coffee. Finally, these coffee are ready to packed in the coffee jars for selling in the market.
INA 6 / 12 2  
Nov 25, 2015   #2
Hi Caroot,
I think you forget to attach the image of diagram :)

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