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Being a workman or student? Graduates are easy to find in coffee shops, boutiques or other companies

Hujjatul19 45 / 70 3  
Oct 3, 2016   #1
Some suggest that young people should take a job for a few years between school and university.

Discuss what the advantages and advantages might be for people who do this.

In today's world, many students who are freshly graduated from a senior high school are found easily in a coffee shop or boutiqe or other companies. However, it is not less students who continue their study to a university right after their graduation. Which one is the best choice?

For me, it is obvious that there are two main advantages for students to work before being a university students. The first one is they must have experiences that cannot get from formal institution such as how to be a good employee and colleague, how to deal with new societies , what manner to be shown when meet the boss and how to overcome any demanded works. A further positive point is they might be more responsible and wiser to use and spend money. It is because they experience the challenges in earning money.

On the other hand, being a workman after 12-year formal school is completed might cause them to have less desire to take class formally. It is because they have witnessed the joy of work with personal income. Besides, age becomes a matter also. Spending a few years handling a job means they will not meet their counterparts in a same class when in college. Then, in some times, lack of intent would appear because of it.

To conclude, deciding to be a university student after finishing study at school is better than to be a working man. I am a firm believer that individual who get higher education would be hired a better job.
Nishi7409 1 / 4  
Oct 4, 2016   #2
I agree with you 100% UNLESS the individual wants to become an entrepreneur. If someone can break at least ten thousand dollars in a given time and live successfully with said amount for said time, he/she has a good chance of actually making something of himself without a higher education. You don't need a MBA to successfully run a business, so why get the degree? Great response to the prompt (/question).

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