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[IELTS]College students to live in schools better than live at home with their parents.Agree or not?

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Sep 17, 2023   #1

students choice to live in a dormitory

Living with family at the age of a college student or staying at school has been a subject of debate and speculation. This essay strongly supports the suggestion of students choosing to live in a dormitory for several reasons.

The first argument to support my opinion is that staying at the school campus completely allows them to stand on their own feet. To not depend on help from parents, undergraduate students have to get the hang of soft skills. For instance, cooking, paying bills, cleaning, and so on have been obstacles that need to be solved as urgently as they can. This offers them a chance to get used to an adult's life, as a way of training so that students could be more confident in the future. That the reason why I believe that a school's living can be advantageous to youth on their awareness of life and soft skills, and therefore helps them be independent from their parents.

Another point behind my belief is that dormitory have been a environment which is beneficial to expanding relationship when students living in a room with other friends. Students could achieved lots of supports from room mates stand whenever they needs helps in assignments, life's challenges, or love suggesstions. There are several things that middle-ages could not understand young people's situation and therefore put them down. At the same age, the understand from friends living with college students could give real advices. For these reasons, I think that roommates from school's life allows students to be themselves, and promote their moods.

In conclusion, I admit that any family should encourage their children at the age of 18 to stay at the school's dormitory rather than live at home given the aforementioned arguments.

Home / Writing Feedback / [IELTS]College students to live in schools better than live at home with their parents.Agree or not?
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