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Color blind or color brave - the summary on the racial discrimination in the USA

Jawa 11 / 17 1  
Sep 19, 2016   #1
TED summary : color blind or color brave.

In the US, black people often experienced a racial discrimination form the white ones. Mellody Hobson, a black woman who faced a discrimination, had officially succeeded in her life beyond her wildest expectations. Several years ago, When she was a small child, Mellody was invited to come in her classmate's party then her mother asked how they treated her. Fortunately, she did not feel anything since she had been treated well by people of all races more often than she had not. Furthermore, not only Mellody Hobson but also most black people felt the same circumstances.

In the light of this fact, she is now standing to address this issue of racial discrimination. In 2006, when President Barrack Obama won the general election, the circumstances had perfectly altered as President Obama is the black one and he represents for all black people in the US. As such, Mellody always campaigns that all American people have the same equal rights and the majority of black ones feel comfortable. Hence, this leads all American societies to pay less attention wherever they come from and whoever they are.
David54 15 / 22 1  
Sep 19, 2016   #2
Hallo Jawa,

There is a little correction for you,

In the United State( US) , black people often experienced get a racial discrimination formfrom the white ones...
...Several years ago, When she was a small child,...
...Furthermore, not only Mellody Hobson,but also most black people also felt the same circumstances....

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