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Psychologists and color schemes

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May 14, 2020   #1

color's role in human lives

Today, the notion of giving color schemes when decorating offices and hospitals or not has received a great deal of public attention. Even though scientists have known the effect of colors on human's emotion, colors used for decoration in some particular places such as hospitals, offices should be taken into account.

There is a number of reasons approving of application of color schemes for some places where necessary. As a matter of fact, businesses have been aware of the impact of on employees' productivity. The general view has been that if you work in an office which has many colors and patterns on the wall, you can end up finding it hard to concentrate. Besides, visitors may be drawn attention by the colors around them, so they would difficult it hard focusing on what they are doing.

Furthermore, color offers a wide range of benefit to people. My university, for instance, uses bright colors in classrooms in order to inspire students to come up with great ideas during lectures. In fact, some researches have revealed that creative people feel more comfortable and are likely to work out better if a room is painted in bold colors.

While work is about output, hospitals are about the health of people. Clearly, bright colors would be less welcome on a hospital ward, where patients are recovering from operations and illnesses. Apart from that, some suggestions are that children need some genres of entertainment, and walls painted with orange and red can meet their desire. Similarly, doctors and nurses are likely to need brighter surroundings to relieve stress in breaktime.

In conclusion, as color plays such a huge role in human lives, designers should think about the color used for decoration, which, in turn, helps the occupants get the best out of their surroundings.
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May 15, 2020   #2
Your summation of the original prompt needs more work. You did not use synonyms for the terms offices and hospitals. You should have used alternative terms such as, for offices: work spaces, work stations, or employment areas. For hospitals: infirmaries, health care spaces, clinics, or health service areas.The reason you have to change the keywords is simple, it will boost your LR score to show the examiner that you know how to use alternative terms for the keyword provided, without changing the meaning of the paragraph/s.

There are 2 direct questions that you failed to respond to in your paraphrasing. The last 2 sentences, making the restatement a 5 sentence paragraph should have provided responses to the following:

- How true this statement? ( based on a personal opinion)
- How far colours influence people's health and capacity for work? ( based upon how color usage affects your own health and work capacity)

Single sentence responses to the questions that will lead the examiner to understand what your 2 reasoning paragraphs discussions will be about will boost your TA score as it shows a properly outline discussion. Failure to respond to the discussion questions will reduce your TA score. You have to show that you understand the discussion instructions, which are based on the provided discussion topics in the original prompt.

Singular - Plural Discrepancy:
There is a number of reasons... - There ARE a number of reasons.
Reason: IS = present tense singular ARE = present tense indicative plural

Good work in using the first person pronoun in this essay. You used it in just the right place, and supported it with a very good reason based on personal experience. TThe discussion instruction requires it via the statement:

...include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
It is the YOUR part that requires the first person pronoun presentation in various discussion points throughout your discussion.

In reference to the hospital colours discussion. You did not completely support your reason when it came to color choices for children. How do the colors satisfy their desire for entertainment? That is under developed discussion point. You could have just developed that topic rather than presenting the 2 other topics that do not have supporting statements to back it up. The more useless and less developed discussion points in that presentation are the reference to the colours used in hospital wards and the need for doctors and nurses to be surrounded by bright colours during breaktime.

The concluding summary is a run - on sentence. You must not use one continuous sentence in this presentation. Use separate sentences to represent the reverse paraphrase composed of:

- Discussion topic
- Truth of the statement
- how colours generally affect people
- Closing sentence

Save for some problem areas in your presentation, it is a good essay for the most part. I am sure that I will be able to see further improvement on your part with your future essays. You show the potential to pass this test with high marks.

NOTE TO OTHER STUDENTS : Keep your opinion to yourself if you oppose my advice. Do not confuse the students here. The students that come here want to learn from an experienced professional. You are just learners yourselves and are incapable of teaching others. If you were capable of writing in proper English, you would not be here asking for my advise. If you have a real world tutor assisting your learning process, you have no place here.

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