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How color effect companies and people's decisions

kobato_tuuyen 1 / 1  
Jan 11, 2018   #1
Colour is a powerful tool that is used to great effect by manufacturers and retail companies when they try to sell something. In fact, many of the purchasing decisions we make are partly or largely influenced influenced by colour.

How true is this statement? How much does colour influence us when we buy something?

colours in life

Thanks to colour impacts, most companies promote their products to attract a number of consumers effectively. Numerous assessments analyze that a strong decision customers make to purchase goods is considerably influenced by colour. Therefore, I totally believe that colour is a potential element of the marketing when some corporations try to sell their products in highly competitive market and this essay will illustrate some more its influences.

As a matter of fact, enterprises ordinarily invest huge capitals to design impressive advertisements in order to obtain more public attentions. The first reason is that colors not only emphasis an object or an emotion, they also catalyze the customer's minds to make unconscious judgments. Furthermore, this colour inevitably become an essential symbolization for its products which is the first factor that people have to look for if they want to find a company on the internet or on the street. For instance, the initial idea that appears in people's mind when they think about Facebook is its blue.

When colors are researched, the first concept noticed is how different colors do cause different personal decision on products. By looking more in depth at the colors of the things a person may choose, a cognitive perspective could greatly help understand their favourite nature. Obviouly, most toys children love playing are designed in jazzy colors, which represent children's naive world outlooks.

Some people argue that colors have no effect on emotions or choices, however, I considerably disagree with this view. For example self-starters usually wear day-glo clothes while inner persons enjoy pastel patterns. Therefore, the various models are designed.

As far as i am concerned, there is a closer relationship between colour and decision to buy products. Hence, retail company convincingly design remarkable advertisements to attract most customers in terms of selling their products.

Holt [Contributor] - / 7,505 1933  
Jan 11, 2018   #2
Lê, you wrote 300 words for this essay. While that is an admirable feat. It also tells me that you did not use a timer when you wrote this essay because the most number of words that can be written within the allotted time is 200 words at the most. Don't go beyond 200 words or you will lose time for editing and revising your work prior to submission.

Slight problem with what would have otherwise been a great opening statement. Your paraphrasing is a bit off. You presented an actual opinion for discussion in this section when you should have saved that information for the body of paragraphs. You shouldn't have indicated the "numerous assessments" sentence in this instance. What was missing in your opening statement, was a reference to the to how retail companies use color to sell the shopper on something they are offering. So I would have stated this as:

Manufacturers and retail companies have been using colors in order to entice their buyers. In order to sell something, they influence the purchasing decision of the client through the use of colors. Therefore, color is an influencing factor when one is shopping for goods. I agree with this statement. Based on my personal experience and observations, color does have an influencing factor when one is considering a purchase of an item.

The part of the essay that is not required is the paragraph that discusses the opposing point of view. Since this is an opinion essay, only your opinion, the one that you support is important. Since you were not asked to discuss both points of view, the presentation of the opposing idea is unnecessary and not required.

That said, you could have used a stronger closing statement though. It doesn't feel complete with just 2 sentences there. You need at least 3 in order to close with a more impactful statement for the examiner to read.
OP kobato_tuuyen 1 / 1  
Jan 11, 2018   #3
how can i improve the writing style in right way? could you recommend me some methods?

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