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'coming up with solution for social problems' - essay about issues and young people

PvtValley 2 / 3  
Jul 9, 2012   #1
Young people are much more aware of and concerned about issues like the environment, poverty, and animal welfare than previous generations. What is your own opinion?

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The rapid development of the society leads to many social problems such as environment, poverty and animal welfare. Many people blame for young generation for make these problems more ominous. However, in my personal view, they are much more conscious than previous generation

To begin with, one cannot deny that social problems like pollution or poverty have been becoming worse in recent decades. It is so easy to hear about a number of bad news such as poverty in an African country, or air pollution in a developing country. Almost all recent research indicates that these problems tend to be more serious over times. This has set for human today the requirement of balance between economic development and social problems.

In fact, young generation have been early aware of these social problems as they directly have impact on their lives. There have a significant change in human's attitude toward social problems. Just a few decades before, the most general main goal of countries is get long steps in developing economics or technology. Most countries did not pay enough attention, or even ignore side-effects of development. Differently, young generation is believed to be more concerned about these issues. A typical evidence is the appearance of more and more social groups and organizations which struggle for environment protection or appeal to treat animal fairly.

In addition, with the help of high technology, human today can do more than their counterpart in the past. Information of social problems is on television, media channels or the Internet everyday partly helps raise conscious of people. Furthermore, governments have applied achievement of high technology to solve consequences of pollution, poverty.

In conclusion, more serious social problems are inevitable, not young generation's fault. Moreover, young generation now is much more sensible than their ancestors. They, with high technology, are also able to come up with solution for social problems.

Nguyen_Dung 1 / 1  
Jul 10, 2012   #2
In my opinion, u should write :'' rapid development of the economic '' instead of '' rapid development of the society'',because development of the society that mean people are more awareness so the social problems will reduce.

there are some mistake in grammar : young generation for make these problems => making
KhanhZ 5 / 131 7  
Jul 10, 2012   #3
I think the development of society includes the development of economy, because members of society are bonded with each other by many ties: economic, political etc..( btw economic is adj.)
OP PvtValley 2 / 3  
Jul 10, 2012   #4
Tks u so much, I just join the forum today, and this's my first thread.

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