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Commencing of oversea students - Ielts writing task 1 line graph

huong7291 1 / -  
Dec 28, 2021   #1

foreign and local students in Australia (2001 - 2010)

The line graph illustrates the register of abroad students and local students in Australian universities during the period from 2001 to 2010.
Overall, the quantity of both students experienced an upward trend, although the figure of overseas students was always lower than local students, there was a surge in the commencing of overseas students, while a minimal increase in the others.

In 2001, the commencing of oversea students stood at approximate 16000, which was followed a significant increase to over 40000, leading to a dramatic rise to over 80000 in the total of overseas students in 2010. The latter remained double than the former.

Whereas, the commencing of local students witnessed a slight growth, from nearly 180000 in 2001 to more than 200000 in 2010, however, before the total of local students examined a tremendous, the figure had shown stability in the last three years. This resulted in a huger gap between them.

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Dec 28, 2021   #2
The line graph illustrates

There must be a clear differentiation of the line graph images. There are 2 images presented for analysis and reporting. Therefore, the writer must indicate the number of images and what each image represents in the presentation. The clear separation of image content will help add clarity and focus to the summary presentation.

the commencing

This is a repeated word used in the essay. Try to vary your word usage to help your LR score. When you use the same word twice in the essay, it shows a limited English vocabulary and will be scored accordingly.An equivalend reference would be start of studies, beginning of classes, among other alternative word usage.

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