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Communicate effectively through the use of images, not language - GRE

prabudhakshin 2 / 3  
Aug 4, 2010   #1

The most effective way to communicate an idea or value to large groups of people is through the use of images, not language.


While it is true that language is an effective way to communicate ideas, when it comes to larger group, communicating ideas using images has its own advantages. Had it not been images, communication crossing the borders, for example, would not have been easier. Understanding a scenario/idea on the spur of the moment also results from the use of images. Finally, unambiguous representation of an event/idea will not be trivial without use of images.

First, Image makes it possible to transcend language barriers and communicate with people of different country, differnet language and different culture. For example, a company which sells it's products round the globe can advertise it's products using images depicting the functionality of the product - a hair tonic company, for instance, can show with a series of images, how the hair grows in profusion by using it's product. Thus it does not have to advertise in different languages for different countries.

Also, Images are quickly, better and easily understood by people in comparison with a descriptive explanation. For example, a pictorical represention of how the population of a particular region has increased/decreased over the past few years will be easier to understand rather than a detailed five to ten lines of explanation on the change. Of course it is possible to communicate the same idea with a well written material but to reach a wider audience, which will comprise diverse people ranging from illiterate to educated, images are sure a better way to communicate.

Finally, something that is presented as an Image can convey the information without loss of accuracy and without ambiguity. Many times it is not possible to use language and descriptive write up to convey information unambiguously. If the information conveyed is not trivial, then it is very likely that different people will understand it different ways. For instance, for a mathematician who wants to describe a geometrical figure, it is easier and efficient to draw the figure rather than to use a language to describe it. Also he can make sure that the figure is perceived as he expected by everyone.

Clearly, use of images makes communication easier, better and hassle free. While language can not be completely avoided, it is true that image is an universal language that crosses boundaries. Rather than sticking with using only language for communication, we should start using image as another mode of communication as and when needed and wherever it is applicable.

freezard7734 17 / 209  
Aug 4, 2010   #2
Introduction edit

The intro is nice, except I think you can change a few things.

First of all, language is an idea, not a method, so it would be better to write "language is an effective way to communicatefor communicating ideas." To maintain parallelism and reduce redundancy, you can take edit:

"communicating ideas using images has itshave their own advantages"

Some more possible fixes:
"Had it not been for images, communication crossing the borders, for example, would not have been easierbe more difficult ." (for an example)

Since this is a formal essay, you shouldn't use slashes "/". Rather, just replace them with the word "or".

The last sentence is a little awkward and also changes the tense of will.
"Finally, unambiguous representation of an event/or idea willwouldnot be trivial without use ofwith images.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Aug 5, 2010   #3
Freezard, thanks for being here and helping!

I really like the theme of this essay. James Masayoshi Mitose, the person who brought Japanese Kempo to America, said, "Words are a difficult means of communication!" This is a powerful observation.

You made good use of words here, though, because the paragraph about how images can communicate ideas without all the complexity of verbal explanations is very good.

If you could give an image to supplement this essay, it would be great. Maybe some day you can use this essay along with images to make your point. Many people do not realize how advantageous images can be over words.

Hey, in paragraphs 2 and 3 you capitalized an I when it should be lower case: image


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