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compare the advantages of living in dormitories with living in an apartment

Hoai Thu 1 / -  
Sep 24, 2011   #1
Choosing a place to live often confuses students at universities. Most of them think living in university or living in apartments in the community brings a lot of disadvantages. However, students can get more advantages than they think.

The first benefit students can have is personal growth. When they live in the university dormitories, they have to learn how to share the work such as cleaning the room ... with their roommates. They know the way to live with each other like a team. Sometimes, students know a good way to grow up through their reacts to their roommates' disturbs: loud music, friends' visits ... In that way, they can become more disciplined, patient, and polite. While students live in apartment in the community, they can get other experiences. They have to take care of themselves, do housework on their own ... They learn how to make a decision without any help that makes them to become more independent and decisive.

The other benefit for students is academic success. Students choosing to live in university dormitories can improve their skill of group work. In a group, they know when it is best time to listen, comment ... Moreover; their roommates may help them in correcting their homework if students have any troubles with it. However, some live in apartment in the community can learn by self-study. On their own, students work hard to figure out their mistakes in a test to remind them not to repeat, their best way to do an exercise ...

Living in university dormitories or living in apartment in the community brings students advantage: personal growth and academic success. Although each place has its own benefits, I prefer living in apartment. I can enjoy my freedom without interrupts and doing everything on my own to become more dependent and mature.

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