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Comparing life with parents to living on campus

Nguyen Hoa 1 / -  
Oct 10, 2023   #1

living with parents or on campus?

In our societies today, we have many options to choose an accommodation for our daily life. Many people prefer to live with their parents whereas others enjoy living on campus. While staying with parents and living on campus share the goal of a living place, they vary in amenities, distance and private space.

To begin with, one similarity between living at home and dormitory is both are a place for our everyday activities. We can live, study, sleep and do our routines there no matter when we want. Also, both have essential devices to meet our basic requirements. At home, we have bathroom, bedroom, desk, ... much like on campus, they are inherently things in living space. Therefore, the comparison shows a clear connection between home and campus about staying.

Despite the previous similarity, there are also key differences in living with parents and living on campus.
A clear difference we can see is the amentities. Living with parents is more convenient, comfortable and full of cosy. Parents can cook for us and take care of our health in case we are under the weather and up to our ears. In contrast, on campus we have to be self-responsible for our living, health and decisions. If we have any troubles, we have to issue in our own first and sometimes it's not the best solution. Besides, living at home doesn't need to pay renting fees, whereas, living at dormitory does.

Another significant difference is about the distance. Our house isn't always near our school so maybe it's far and takes lots of time to commute to school, not regarding to congestion, bad weather. On the other hand, if we live on campus we can easily move from our room to class faster and save more times. That is also convenient, too.

Private space is also a clear dissimilarity we can discuss. In our home, we have our room and are able to do what ever we like, want there. It's a room we can let our hair down, achieve our goals and enjoy ourselves. However, on campus, we have to share rooms with others for sure. Furthermore, there are many problems can be arising then.

In conclusion, we see how different living with parents and living on campus really are. Although they share common in accommodation, they are unlike in convenience, travel length and self-space. Different people have their own choices of their life. So, as long as their options are suitable with each condition, it's not a problem
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4800  
Oct 14, 2023   #2
I cannot accurately review this essay as the word count and paragraph representations do not follow the necessary requirements for rubic scoring. The task 2 essay is only composed of 4 paragraphs at all times, containing 250-300 words. Those are the foundational requirements that help the essay achieve a completely developed and well written status within 40 minutes. This particular presentation does not meet those said requirements. As such, it is difficult for me to decide if the essay could have been well written by the author in a proper exam setting. The main problem here, is that the writer failed to use a timer to keep track of his written task exercise. So he overwrote. A practice that, in an actual exam setting, would have gotten him a failing score.

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