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Comparing living with parent and living in campus

DuDu123 1 / -  
Mar 30, 2024   #1
" Should students live with parents or stay on campus ? " may be the question that people have when they enter university. Some individuals may choose to live with their parent whereas others want to stay outside. Despite bearing some minor similarities such as residing within a community setting and navigating relationships, living with parents and living on campus hold remarkable dissimilarities namely the level of independence and regulations.

To begin with, living with parent and living in campus are different in terms of the level of independence. To be more specific, undergraduate students who reside with family are more dependent on their parent than those staying outside. For example, dormitory students have to fulfill a wide range of tasks by themselves such as doing household chores, managing their own schedules and finances, whereas those living with family will be assisted by parent and rarely have to do these works.

Another difference is rules and regulations. In other words, unlike those living with parent, people who are willing to stay in campus are more comfortable and will not follow some strict rules as at home. For instance, when people reside with family, they have to sleep before 10 p.m and are not allowed to use their smartphone. By contrast, students staying outside can sleep anytime they want or play games all day and night without parent's permission and supervision.

To sum up, the level of independence and regulations are two primary dissimilarities between living with parents and living in campus. In my opinion, I definitely prefer staying in campus to living with parents, since I can foster important skills such as communication, financial management, and be more mature and independent.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Apr 3, 2024   #2
There is no effort on your part to paraphrase the original prompt. You merely did a cut and paste of the topic as provided, which means your restatement score will be 0. You need to tell the examiner what the topic is about in your own words. You should have used a comparison format for the actual discussion sections. There is a lack of coherence and cohesiveness between the paragraphs because you are not talking about the pros and cons of the topic in a manner that would relate to the discussion topic. Remember that you are scored on your ability to discuss the topic in a connected and relevant form. You should not just keep on writing for the sake of writing. You need to connect the discussion points. In this case, you could have used the pros and cons, in a more developed discussion form.

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