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Comparing the proportion of leisure activities that older people had done in their spare time

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Aug 1, 2022   #1

how elderly people in the United States spent their free time (1980 to 2010)

The line chart depicts information about comparing the proportion of leisure activities that older people had done in their spare time over a period of 30 years. Overall, watching TV was the highest recreational activity of elders in the US. In addition, while the proportion of theatre activity decreased moderately, the opposite was true for four other activity forms.

In 1980, the most popular activities were watching TV and theatre, with each accounting for 60% and 50%, respectively. Over the following 20 years witnessed a significant climb in the percentage of watching TV activity, reaching a peak of 70% in 2000 before dropping slightly to 65% in 2010. By contrast, senior citizens who took part in theatre activity fell considerably, which accounted for 20% in 2000 but this rose sharply and end at 45% in 2010.

The subsequent common three recreational activities that the old were the most favorite were reading, hiking, and surfing the internet, which attracted 30%, 20%, and 5%, respectively, in 1980. Over the next 30 years, there was a dramatic jump in the rate of hiking activity, which made up 60% in 2000, and this activity continued to lead strongly and reach a peak point of 80% in 2010. While the rate of surfing the internet had an upward trend and attracted 15% in 2000, the opposite was true for a reading activity, hitting a trough of 20%. Since then, both these activities increased dramatically to reach 50% and 60 respectively, in 2010.
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Aug 1, 2022   #2
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