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Computers are being used more and more in education. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages

Erik79 1 / -  
Feb 6, 2024   #1
Computers play an integral role in human life, especially in educating people. There is an irrefutable fact that using computers is more and more common in education. Even though this trend has some drawbacks, I would argue that computers are more beneficial to those who utilize it

On the one hand, there are good grounds to indicate what are some computer's downsides affect negatively on students. Computers enable students to interact with their teacher through visual devices. However, this method's lack of face - to - face interaction causes the student to degrade their verbal skills, especially when they want to articulate their opinions. For instance, in the meeting group, suggesting ideas about how to enhance a presentation to achieve flying- colors is necessary. Making discussion together is important, which can lead students to argue by their different views, so if one student explains unclearly about his intent, it will be possible to make a mistake. Additionally, students can learn with a passive attitude toward lecture, leading them to drift off during lessons. Thus, the student may have bad-quality lessons, and it does not arouse their interest student in learning anymore.

On the other hand, I strongly believe that computers outweigh some aforementioned disadvantages. One of the principal advantages of an increase in the use of electronic devices in education is the autonomy it provides students. Compared to the past, education allowed wealthy students to learn, and a storage of information was stored in the school's library, and it has a negative impact on poor students because they cannot have chances to approach knowledge. Students now have freedom to learn whatever topics or subjects they want, with a myriad of learning materials. The Internet allows students to figure out information, with understanding deeply and effectively. Furthermore, they can learn whatever they want in public areas such as coffee shops or libraries, which has resulted in convenience trait of computers which support to students in achieving their purposes

In conclusion, the benefits technology brings to education, such as student autonomy, must be weighed against the drawbacks, such as negative effects on human interaction. I would reckon that the benefits are more greater than the one
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,976 4812  
Feb 9, 2024   #2
Keep your writing down to the maximum of 300 words. That way you create a concise essay presentation which will best serve your desire to achieve a high score in every section. At this point, writing almost 400 words might prevent you from completing your essay writing during the actual test. It is important to ensure that you know how many words you can write within 40 minutes so use a timer to keep you on track.

You cannot argue a personal opinion in this essay because you are not being asked to present one. The writing instruction is only asking for a general comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of computers being used in education. These types of essays ask you to present both sides of the discussion so that the reader can generate his personal opinion based upon the information you have presented.
caohuyen93 4 / 8 1  
Feb 15, 2024   #3
The question simple asks you to name and explain some pros and cons of the situation. So you should write a balance essay with 2 points for benefits and 2 for drawbacks. If you see " do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages" in the question, you can then give your opinion.

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