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The correlation between family talks and a different number of the vocabulary used by children

Bayuwibowo 48 / 73 21  
Sep 14, 2015   #1
IELTS TASK 1 - The Line Graph of Children total vocabulary size

The first line graph illustrates the spoken verbal words to children and second chart shows the quantity of vocabulary size for toddlers; it divided by three types of talking families. Overall, higher-talking families give the highest border in both line graphs. It is also noticeable when the parents have more speech, the children vocabulary also raises in the same period.

According to the data before toddlers reach age 24 months, their word characters tend to be same about 300 words in their age. On the other hand, between higher-talking families and lower talking families has seen an alteration in the amount of vocabulary spoken to the baby. This accounted for 20 million words and 12 million words respectively, whilst, the lowest-talking families give less than 10 million word characters when the baby is 2 years old.

It is stark in contrast with infants aged 2 years or more. There are rocketed to 1100 numbers of words in the sum of children vocabulary size, however, lowest-talking families just around 450 characters in the same age. The correlation is clearly seen that, if parents give more word characters, then the children can absorb more vocabulary since their brains are mature.

lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Sep 14, 2015   #2
Hello, I can help you with your summary. Throughout your summary you use word characters or characters. You can replace these terms with "vocabulary".

1st paragraph: Since spoken and verbal are similar words, I would suggest using the heading on the first line graph and stating: "illustrates the total words spoken to a child and the second graph..." It is excellent that you are trying to link sentences together with a semicolon. However, I would suggest separating the next sentence because you need to add some words: "Each line graph is divided by three types of talking families."

When you use the word border, you should be more specific. You can use the headings as your guide to replace this word. Ex: "words spoken to a child and children's total vocabulary size".

2nd paragraph: Place a comma after data. Then delete some words: their word characters vocabulary tends to be same about 300 words in their age . The next sentence, delete a word: between . The next sentence needs to be separated from your last sentence: "words, respectively. However, the lowest-talking..." Change the word give to "have".

3rd paragraph: There is a light error: "This is in stark contrast..." (Good transition!) . The next sentence needs to be changed because I think you are trying to compare higher and lower talking families, but it is not stated in the sentence. The last sentence you can add "more" before mature.
eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,208 476  
Sep 22, 2015   #3
The first line graph illustrates [...]

The two line graphs show the comparison between verbal words and the amount of vocabularies in use for toddlers. What stands out from the graphs is that family with higher talking frequency had succeeded to help children develop communication. As seen, the number of words spoken goes hand in hand with far more total vocabulary sizes.

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