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Cramming and immersion are becoming increasingly recognised as methods of gaining knowledge.

Aug 29, 2023   #1

Cramming and immersion in education

Although cramming and immersion have earned a reputation as favored and commonplace study methods, some individuals take a different perspective by arguing that long-term learning is the best learning strategy to comprehend a particular subject. Personally, I partially concur with this opinion on the grounds that the leverage of long-lasting recall and immersive and intensive learning can be in students' favor.

On the one hand, there are solid grounds for many people to consider lifelong learning as an effective study strategy. Firstly, long-term learning can enhance your overall health and well-being by reducing stress-related diseases, improving self-esteem, and providing a sense of purpose and fulfillment. That's because this study approach requires us to keep learning throughout our lifetime, thereby avoiding the pressure of an accumulation of assignments and cultivating lifelong persistence and endeavor. For instance, in-depth biographical interviews conducted with 145 adults about the effects of learning throughout their lives showed that engaging in lifelong learning had effects on a range of health outcomes, including well-being, recovery from mental health difficulties, and the capacity to cope with potentially stress-inducing circumstances. Secondly, long-term learning lays the foundation for studying and working, as they foster various skills essential in a changing world. By equipping people with some abilities to adapt and cope with change and broadening their horizons with the exploration of new fields, it is irrefutable that this study approach is the key to a bright and successful future. This also results in career advancement, such as promotions and increased earning potential, because the skills long-term recall provides help us stay relevant in our chosen field and boost our job prospects.

On the other hand, proponents of cramming and immersive studying have some rationale to support their claim. The first and foremost reason is the time efficiency this study technique can bring to learners. To elucidate, this method allows for highly focused and intense studying, therefore enabling students to absorb and retain a mountain of vital material quickly for a short period of time. It may not be deemed the most advisable study approach, but cramming can be a lifesaver in a pinch. For example, students who procrastinate or fail to manage their time are inclined to cram to quickly memorize the salient points of the documents. Besides, intensive and immersive study approaches serve as a great way to home in on specific topics and concepts. When students put all their energy and effort into a particular subject, they can quickly grasp sophisticated details and figures that they may not have had time to review during the ordinary course. As a result, studies have found that cramming can lead to better outcomes on test day than the same number of study hours spread out.

In conclusion, lifelong learning is a great study strategy, but it is not the only way to acquire knowledge. Since cramming, coupled with immersion, has its own virtues, my assertion is that having the right balance of study approaches and combining long-term study with cramming techniques will produce the most desirable result.

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