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The crime is still increasing - how to stop this? Teach criminals a lesson.

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May 6, 2018   #1


Nowadays, the crime is quickly increasing around of us. So, to prevent it, the government always sentence criminals with long time in prison. Is it effective ??? The crime is still increasing. Today, we will discuss about "prison is the best punishment for criminals", demand my opinion for this.

I think that the prison is a good punishment for some criminals, but not all. Because of having a lot of crime, such as: assault, rob, murder, rapist,.... When they are in prison together, they will be effective together. For example, a murder and robber are a room, and murder can be affective robber about character, behavior,... and then when robber release out the prison, he can become murder.

Rate crime increase at young age. They are young and do not understand about their behavior, such as: assault someone but not serious or rob something but it is not very expensive,... we can not give them in the prison, because if we do that, their future life can be bad, they can change behavior and the think of way about the world and become dangerous men. Instead of giving them prison, they can help us. We can giving them community service center, they can help a lot of people and change thinking about the world, live better.

To conclude, prison is a good punishment for criminals but not all. Every one thinks prison can be able rehabilitate crime. Not sure, it can prevent a while but not prevent forever. So, with every criminal, we have different punishment. To help them expiate their crime and prison is the last solution.

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May 6, 2018   #2
What is the purpose of you posting this? Do you want writing feedback or grammar review? What was the prompt and what style of response are you trying to give?

At any rate, there are a variety of grammatic errors...here are a few:

-Nowadays, the crime is ...
-government always sentences...
-The cCrime is still increasing...
-Today, we will discuss ..., demand my opinion for this. Not congruent
-I think that the prison incarceration is a good punishment...
-..., they will be effective together (I believe you're trying to say that they affect each other?).
-For example, a murderer and robber are IN a room, and the murderer can be affective affect the robber's about character, behavior....

There are a number of other errors, but be sure to post what the purpose of your post is as to better help other members reviewing your work.
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May 6, 2018   #3
i am sorry, i just join in this web, i just want someone help me about essay, i am studying ielts.

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