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Nowadays, dance is known as a social dance and as a connectivity. Summary TED

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Nov 28, 2016   #1
Social dance

Camille A. Brown is a Choreographer and educator. She became speaker in TEDx in 2016 and she said that dance was language because dance express social community. In the past, dance was depicted as social community which was dealing on social activities such as , cultures, and social life, because society in the past people express their activities with dance such as farm, freedom, colonialism and more. Interestingly, each dance had own step and every step had own meaning, for instance, when people happy, freedom, and sad, they had different steps each other and had, not only that but also dance can remembered the history. Take it sample, African dance has similarities as american dance so we can say that american influenced African cultures. Present circumstances were always related in the past ;therefore every dance had own history. Nowadays, dance known as social dance and as connectivity.

Source: ted
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Dec 3, 2016   #2
Hello akhi

Camille A. Brown isARE a Choreographer and educator

1. You mention two jobs of Camelia Brown ---> Choreographer and Educator

She becameSA speaker inOF TEDx in 2016, (NEED COMMA HERE) and she said (...) dance expressES social community

2. BECAMES ----> She + Becames (She, He, It must be followed with VERB S )

3. article 'A' for beginning.

4. EXPRESSES ---> same reason with number 2

... social activities such as,(NOT NEED COMMA HERE) cultures, and social life

because society in the past, people express[b]ED[/b] their activities (...) and more OTHERS

5. EXPRESSED ---> you say in the past

6. OTHERS ---> you can place "more" because it kind of determiner / pronoun / adverb, so must be followed with adjective or other words

Take it samplean example

7. Use that because it appropriate collocations.

we can say that american WAS influenced BY African cultures.

8. Watch carefully about passive tense.

Keep hard work !

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