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The data on the Australian export to four countries including Japan, US, China and India

May 25, 2023   #1

Australian exports to 4 countries from 1990 to 2012

The given line graph illustrate the data on the export of Australian to 4 countries including Japan,US,China and India over the period of 22 years starting from 1990 to 2012.

Overall, the proportion of China and India witnessed the upward trend meanwhile Japan and US showed the opposite site.Before 2005,the figure of Japan was the highest point after being surpassed by China from 2005 to 2012.

As can be seen in the graph,accounting for around 2% at the start of the period,China rose significantly 10 years later with 5% in 2000 and rocketted to overtake the first place of Japan with 30% in 2012.Regarding to India,there was a slight increase from 1990 to 2000 with 2% in 2000 and then went up considerably with nearly 8% in 2010.Yet,the figure declined at the end of the period with above 55 in 2012.

By contrast,Japan dominated the export of Australia in 1990 with 26%.The proportion went down in 1995 with 20% and continued to plummet with nearly 18% in 2012.Similar to Japan,US experienced an decrease with under 10% in 1995,almost 10 times higher than India.In 2000,there was a dramatic increase with around 12% after decreasing with 6% in 2010 and then uplifted slighly with 7% in 2012
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May 27, 2023   #2
export of Australian

Australian would refer to the citizens of Australia. Australia is the country that you should have been referring to in this case.

Points will be lost in the summary overview due the the incorrect sentence presentation. You have not proven that you know how to write simple, complex, and compound sentences. All that you have presented throughout the essay are run-on sentences, making it impossible for you to get a good GRA score.

As can be seen

The assumption is that the reader cannot see the image provided. The reference is not correct in this case. You are continuously losing points in your presentation because of your lack of familiarity with the task 1 format. You have to work on your sentence structure and comparison paragraph presentations. You are just reporting the information, but not compairing the information provided.

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