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Writing Ielts task 1, decribe the manufacture of frozen fish pies

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Sep 12, 2023   #1

the process of making fish pies

The diagram below describes the process of making processed fish pies. Take a quick glance, a fish pie consists of two layers, the lower part is salmons and peas covered in sauce, at the top is layered with thin-sliced potatoes. Before packaging, there are two main steps to prepare frozen fish pies: potatoes-prepared and salmon-prepared.

While fresh salmon has to be prepared in less than 12 hours, the preservation of potatoes can go up to a month because they are unlikely to go wrong in a short amount of time. After delivery, potatoes are going to be cleaned with fresh water and then transferred to waste disposal to be peeled and sliced. Following that, potatoes are boiled in a large pot and let them chill out for a few minutes and get ready to be stored. The whole process is automatically operated.

Meanwhile, fresh salmon needs to be seasoned with lemon juice and salt first. Afterward, the fish is going to be put in a steam oven for minutes to retain its flavor and tenderness. In contrast to the potatoes-prepared process, at least two people are needed to remove the skin and bones of fish and one person supervises the outcome of meat, lowering the risk of unqualified fish portions. After quality checking, the fish and peas are placed into the container with a specific sauce, and the potatoes that were boiled early are now spread onto the surface of the fish and peas. As soon as the fish pies are done, they are wrapped carefully and put in a freezer, waiting to be delivered to supermarkets, grocery stores, etc.

To summarize, the manufacture of processed fish pies requires several steps and people so as to be put on the table. It is fantastic to see how such a good dish is produced and it is even better because processed food like fish pies in particular and frozen food in general can reduce a great deal of time we would have to prepare meals.

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