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The diagram show two methods of using water to produce electricity

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Mar 13, 2023   #1

The two pictures describe two distinct electricity generation techniques by harnessing water energy.

Overall, there are six main stages in the first diagram, beginning with allowing the water to enter the dam, ending with releasing the water into river. Meanwhile, the second process involves four major stages, starting with water entering the lower chamber and ending wih air rising from the generator.

In the first diagram, firstly, the gate of the hydroelectric dam is opened to let the water in and then closed. Due to the width and angle of the penstock, the water is accerlerated until it reaches the spindle. Subsequently, water turns the turbine and spindle in order to produce electricity. The rotation of the spindle afterwards makes the generator create electric power, The distribution of electricity to power line occurs at the following stage. At the same time, used water is released into river.

As for the second diagram, the first stage involves the entry of water waves to the lowest chamber, which is almost the same as the first one. This is followed by a stage where the lower chamber pushed the water up to the upper chamber. Corresponding to the first diagram, the water makes the spindle rotates in order to generate electricity. Once the rotation of spindle has happened, the air rises and turns turbine and spindle.
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Mar 14, 2023   #2
The two pictures

What kind of pictures were provided? Were these diagrams or procedural illustrations? The image identifier does not clarify the basis of the information. It leaves the reader confused as to the information basis and image reference. It creates an inaccurate summary overview. Not everything in the presentation was bad though. You did a good job in giving the trending statement for the two images.


You are being scored on word usage accuracy. That includes proper spelling of the words. These small errors in spelling have a big impact on the deductions of your LR score.

In the first diagram,

As for the second diagram,

These are the image identifiers that should have been used in the summary overview. While the proper identifier will help these reporting paragraphs, it could have helped boost your score in the summary overview instead of serving as a deduction.

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