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Task 1: The diagram shows the small-scale production of smoked fish

Mydan20002 1 / -  
Oct 6, 2021   #1

The provided picture dedicates the small-scale process in which the fish is smoked.

Overall, there are 8 main steps in this production. It starts with preprocessing raw fish and ends with delivering to consumers.
In the first step, the fish is cleaned with a knife and then it is soaked in saltwater. Before being smoked, the fish is cooked for 5 minutes.

In the fifth step, chefs use many wood vats in which there is smudging to smoke the fish. After being smoked, it is put yellow color to become more eye-catching. Following that, the smoked fish is packed in many boxes. Finally, those boxes are put in trucks and delivered to consumers.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,700 3784  
Oct 8, 2021   #2
I cannot proceed with a full review of this essay as it will not recieve a passing score. The deductions are great when the writer provides less than 150 words in the presentation. Kindly remember that providing less than the minimum word count will prevent the essay from recieving a passing score consideration.

Do not use caps Lock when writing the summary. Do notuse bold text either. Both are considered forums of writing disrespect equivalent to shouting at the examiner. Simply with the summary in a normal manner as the rest of the essay.

Provide a full 3 paragraph presentation next time. One summary + trending sentence and 2 procedure explanation groups. That will help you meet all formatting requirements.
thsi98 1 / 2  
Oct 12, 2021   #3
You may use other conjunctions such as subsequently, afterwards, next instead of "In the fifth step", because you did not consistently use order (first, second...) and as it was in the new paragraph. Overall, this essay reports all important info.

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