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IELTS Writing Task 1 . The process details the process of making smoked fish

nataliely 4 / 5 1  
Sep 3, 2022   #1

The diagram depicts how smoked fish is produced.

Looking at the first glance, it is apparent that the manufacturing process of smoked fish contains twelve steps, which begins with catching fish in the ocean and culminates in selling the final prodcust at fishshop.

At first, the huge amount of fish is caught by the net in the offshore area then it is transported to the port by specialized boat. From this point, fish is frozen in a functional container and then later undergone a thawing process inside fresh water. After that, thawed fish is cut open to get cleaned

Those oceanic creatures are then soaked in the solution of salt water and yellow coloring. After a specific amount of time, the fish turns yellow and is then smoked in specialized device. The prodcuts of the previous step are then packed into carton boxes and frozen under 0 celcius degree. Frozen boxes are then stored in cold condition and distributed to retailing stations such as fishshop sell.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,648 4752  
Sep 4, 2022   #2
The summary overview should be composed of at least 2 sentences. The presentation lacks a proper diagram identification which should have been referenced along with the image type. It should also contain a second sentence that would explain the importance of the diagram to the analysis/reporting process. The trending paragraph should have only been a trending sentence that was merged into the summary overview since the trend highlights the discussion path for the reporting paragraphs.

It would be better to not refer to an action that would need a look or glance at the image. This is a practice that is unacceptable in this presentation as it defeats the purpose of the analytical report. The reader needs to understand how the writer will explain the image content, without the need to look at the image. The writer should have the skill to academically explain the illustration as well since that is a college level writing requirement for most UK, US, Canada, students. It is also required for other European and English speaking nations that accept foreign students in the universities.

As far as explaining the procedures, I am confident that the writer was able to explain the procedure well since I understood the process, even though the sentence structure is not as well written as it should be. The writer is capable of delivering coherent thought processes and that is very important to the final grade assignment of the task.

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