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Ielts task 2: Discuss both views and give your opinion about newspapers and media

Vinhhppt 1 / 1  
Jul 23, 2021   #1

Some people think that newspapers are the best way to learn news.

However, others believe that they can learn news better through other media.
Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Currently, social media is developing worldwide steadily and the number of humans regularly able to receive information more easily due to convenience and catch up with the trend. Besides that, the articles also are as popular as the media because this is one of the most useful news that lots of people are interested in. In my opinion, I utterly agree with the former ones owing to the benefits of reading online.

Obviously, journals have a lot of advantages for people , especially for older people . First of all, newspapers' content is guaranteed as it is alway heavily censored before being broadcasted as a result, readers protect themselves from misleading information, which is rife on the internet. Furthermore , the professional journalist in prestigious publish company can serve readers with academic writing style, by learning from official sources of printed news, readers broaden their vocabulary and language proficiency.For instance, some parents aspire to their daughter can be able to not only profound writing style but also speak politely with people in modern society so they decided to purchase inexpensive article to their daughter is reading day by day to help them for both develop their intelligent brain and expand vocabulary , this is one of the most efficient strategy for learning of parents .

On the other hand, social media which is considered one of the favourite websites to look for a piece of useful information and knowledge because everyday and every time this web will upload the news faster and more interact . According to hypothesis, the majority of people are becoming busy and do not have enough time to read a newspaper so social media has appeared to deal with these complicated issues to help them advance their life-style . Moreover, Covid-19 is one of the most huge hot reports that lots of people pay attention to , more important in people 's life is affected seriously and then the government decided to upload information related to covid-19 each hour without inhabitants worrying about it . Therefore, social media is really indispensable in modern technology society.

Personally, I always have a trend toward to social media more than newspaper although this information occasionally has some fake news but it is really convenient for suitable juveniles and bring about lots of pros such as about learning aspect, if I did not understand this hard schoolwork, i just search the internet or connect with online tutor and also use some prestigious website to overcomes my exercises easily .

In conclusion, journal and social media are essential nowadays and almost of people can select one of them belong to their viewpoint , newspapers content is guaranteed as it is always heavily censored before being broadcasted while social media is easily to upload the news faster and more interact but for me I am still remain using social media by my smartphone these days.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,974 4811  
Jul 24, 2021   #2
The prompt restatement in the first paragraph is missing. The exam taker has totally changed both the discussion topic and discussion format/requirement The essay has already failed completely as it does not provide a related paraphrase or response format. The paraphrase is the pass or fail foundation of the essay test. Make even one mistake in this section and the score will fail immediately. The student made several presentation errors in this paragraph. A sure sign of a failing mark.

What are the errors? The main mistakes are:
- Incorrect topic interpretation
- Error in discussion response outline based on provided instructions.

The student need only compare his first paragraph content with the original to see the clear mistakes made in his version of the presentation. He began a discussion from a personal point of view where a restatement and outline were required.
OP Vinhhppt 1 / 1  
Jul 25, 2021   #3
@Holt could you guess what band do you think this essay is ?
jolie25 1 / 3  
Jul 29, 2021   #4
I make the same mistakes as you

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