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A dispute whether the computer was the most critical breakthrough in modern civilization

Charles Le 1 / 2 1  
Jul 31, 2022   #1

Computers are often argued to be the most important invention of the last hundred years

There is some dispute whether the advent computers was the most critical breakthrough in modern civilization. In my opinion, this statement is partly true as other innovations also play significant roles in human's life.

On the one hand, with the creation of computers, humankind has subtantially benefited in various aspects of life. This is rooted in the fact that the modern equipment has faciliate work and daily life of bilions of people. Given the automation in all types of work, computers has enabled workers to reduce their workload, enhance productivity thus increase the number of output. Likewise, people witnessed improvement in our stardard of living. To illustrate, employees are now able to complete their tasks at their safe haven while taking care of their dependants, which is greatly attributed to the harness of their computers. Finally, invention of computer acts as a precedessor for many innovations for the time being. Internet, smart devices and various crucial applications are developed based on elements of computers.

On the other hand, many modes of transport, healthcare development and inventtions in other industries are also significant. Given the enhancement in transportation, goods are delivered much faster, demand is quickly met with supply thus result in flourishment of individuals all over the world. Mass-production electric cars is envisioned to safeguard the nature from the detrimental impacts of burning fossil fuel, which contributes to the well-being of all living creatures. Furthermore, new breeds of medicines have saved milions of lives. One case in point is that Pfizer, the vaccines released in the middle of Covid epidemic has maintained numerous lives. Besides, the vision of deployment of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robots and 3D printing has become more apparent which hold the key to the prosperity our societies.

In the light of these fact, other innovations have their positive affects upon people, albeit the position of computers is irriplacable. The roles of each creation should be credited proportionaly to their impact on our world.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,033 4247  
Jul 31, 2022   #2
The reference to the timeline from the original needs to be more specific and related. "Modern Civilization" could refer to the 21st century or the previous century. Synonyms for century needs to be used in this case. Synonyms for the word include centenary, centennial, or centurial. Using the correct descriptive numeral reference properly in a sentence will show proper use of advance English words.

The discussion paragraph should have proven the point of the writer by using 2 significant alternative, but computer related developments over the past century. There were actually 2 representations in the second paragraph that could have effectively explained the point of the writer, had he not wasted his first reasoning paragraph on an incorrect discussion point. By the way, he did not double check his spelling throughout the presentation. There are a few spelling errors that were left unchecked, resulting in a lower LR score since the writer did not know how to properly spell the word.

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