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Should drug addicts be jailed or rehabilitated? discuss both views and give your opinion

levictoire19 1 / -  
Jun 1, 2016   #1
Nowadays, drug addicts are increasing in large number. While there are grounds to argue that narcotics addicts should be imprisoned because they break the law, they can hurt everyone connected to them and cause many problems, it can equally be argued that drug users should be rehabilitated because they need a help to get a better life. In this essay, I shall examine the impacts of both sides of the arguments and state my own opinion.

One argument in favor of putting the the drug addicts in the jail because they offend the regulation in this country. Furthermore they bring harm to everyone surrounding them and provoke crime. For example, Sheila Marcia, an Indonesian actress has arrested for several times because of using narcotics. The last time she was pregnant when taken into custody. She brought not only social burden to her family but also harm to her baby in her womb. In addition, a drug user cannot control himself or herself. Like in metrobagsel.com news Mei 26, 2016, it is informed that a drug addicts raped a fourteen year old girl. Before he did his action, he asked her to drink weed killer. the victim died. Drug users create crime to society. By this, many people argue imprisoning them is the best way to keep the society safe.

Even the drug users have made mistake by using narcotics, they need to be rehabilitated because this will conquer the base case. Rehabilitation is better than jail. If they are rehabilitated they recover from their addiction and be unwilling to use drugs anymore. I support National Narcotics Agency program about rescuing the drug addicts by rehabilitating instead of imprisoning them. Jail is not a safe place for them. It cannot spare them from the drug transaction. Therefore the only way to help the drug users is by rehabilitating them in a safe and under control place. Like in US, by the end of 1950, they instituted Therapeutic Community. The main purpose is to help the narcotics addicts to be able to live normally in the society and to work productively. Therapeutic Community is drug free self help program that Indonesia may duplicate to protect the young generation from drug addicts.

To sum up, Although some people argue that drug users should be put in custody, I would argue prison is not an appropriate place to them. Everyone deserves to get a chance and a better life. Therefore rehabilitation is the best solution to help them.

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Jun 1, 2016   #2
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